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There is a lot of healing taking place, and many success stories to share at Connected Chiropractic. Please read and enjoy few of the testimonials we have posted below. Could your story be the next one we post?

Dr. Brian Leary
Your Clayton Chiropractor

When I was just 18 years old I started having headaches and low back pain. Both of these issues got worse with pregnancy, and now 4 pregnancies later, I found myself feeling miserable and in pain all the time. A friend recommended Connected Chiropractic to me and so I decided to see if they could help, and the answer is Yes, Definitely!

I am no longer in pain and have more mobility, including the improvements I have been making in my workouts. My favorite part about Connected Chiropractic is how pleasant the entire staff is, and how informative they are.

-Carol S.

Being a firefighter requires me to be able to move and react quickly, but after being injured on the job about 30 years ago, I was experiencing a nagging low back pain. Dr. Brian Leary came out to the station to introduce himself, and that’s where I first learned of Connected Chiropractic. On my first visit to the office Dr. Brian took x-rays of my spine to help determine the problem, and then he set up a course of treatments to correct those areas.

I followed my treatment plan, and now I wake up feeling better and I can do more physical activities without having back pain. Dr. Brian made adjustments to the misaligned vertebrae, and now I can do my job without nagging low back pain.

Ken E.

As a nurse I am on my feet much of the day, but for the past couple of years I started developing low back pain that required me to sit down in order to have any relief. I found out about Connected Chiropractic through some advertising at Clayton Fitness. From my very first visit it was evident how friendly and welcoming everyone in the office was.

The care provided for me was specific chiropractic adjustments, and exercises to help me improve my strength. This has enabled me to improve my workflow by eliminating the interruptions of having to stop due to low back pain. My favorite experience at Connected Chiropractic has been how they really care about my concerns and wellbeing.

Kylie C.

I had pain in my neck and lower back for at least 8 years that made some things difficult for me. I just thought it was part of getting older, but receiving chiropractic care has helped alleviate the pain. I feel less pressure in my neck, and I enjoyed having the corrections done. My favorite experience at Connected Chiropractic was how friendly everyone was, from the staff to the Doctor.

– Andy S.

I woke up one morning with shoulder pain, and I could barely move it enough to even dress myself. It was such a shock to me to experience this because I workout daily, and take pretty good care of myself. After receiving care at Connected Chiropractic not only did my shoulder fully recover, but I started sleeping better and woke up more energized as a result. My favorite part about my visits was how welcoming and encouraging the staff was, and how well the Doctor listened to me. I’m feeling better, I’m functioning better, and I would recommend this office to anyone looking for a quality experience.

– Pam L.

Since giving birth to my two boys I have frequently had a stiff neck and back, and I was afraid of my sciatic problems returning. It was becoming difficult to do household chores, and I didn’t want to injure myself. The care given to me at Connected Chiropractic has helped my problem in many ways; my body feels great, I finally got rid of a cold I had battling for 8 weeks, and I am sleeping great. My favorite experience at Connected Chiropractic was being selected as patient of the month!

– Jill S.

My 4 year old son has always eaten healthy and gets plenty of activity, but he still struggled with going to the bathroom. The pediatrician wanted to put my son on medication for this, but I was hesitant to do so. Since starting chiropractic care my son has experienced regular bathroom habits, and that isn’t the only thing we have noticed; despite being surrounded by kids who are constantly getting sick at daycare, he hasn’t been sick all year! It’s easy to tell everyone at the office genuinely cares, and Dr. Leary was very gentle and comforting with my son. This has been an amazing experience for my husband and I.

– Ashley M.

Having suffered from back, neck, and knee pain for years I decided to see if I might be helped at Connected Chiropractic. The pain made me move slower and the range of motion in my knee was so poor I even wondered if I was a candidate for knee surgery. After going through the courses of treatment that Dr. Brian laid out for me I have less pain and I am moving better. I was provided with personalized care that really focused on treating the root cause of my issue and now surgery is not in the picture for me!

-Thankful Patient

After being a paratrooper in the Army, I had been suffering with pain for the past 4-5 years. I was so stiff and sore I could barely bend, lift, or even work. The pain was continuous and bothered me from the moment that I would wake up.

Dr. Brian shared my x-rays with me, showed me where my problem was, and then explained how we would correct it. After just a few visits I could move normally, and felt better all the way around. Now I can work and exercise without the fear of how bad it might hurt, and I even sleep better. The adjustments and therapy solutions that were administered really have given me my life back, and now I can enjoy all the things I used to do.

The entire staff at Connected Chiropractic is very nice and genuine, and it’s easy to tell they have passion for what they do. I really enjoyed how they made me feel like I was top priority, and not just a number. Doctor Brian does a great job explaining things to you and making you feel comfortable, and never belittles you. He helped me realize there is so much more to health than just how you feel, and he is working with me to create functional goals so I can optimize my health and my life!

-Ryan M.